4 Fresh Link Building Strategies Guaranteed To Boost Your Rankings In 2014

Posted on April 28, 2014

Discovering new methods of building effective backlinks is one of my most fun activities.

Maybe that doesn’t say very much about what I think is fun but there is no doubt that good SEO is about uncovering and testing new backlink methods frequently.

Adapt, change and evolve is the name of the game and you’ve gotta keep with the times cause being an old geezer surely won’t help your rankings game!

So, let’s get started shall we?


Create A Spankin’ Awesome Private Blog Network

Hold up, I know what you’re going to say: This backlink strategy has been hacked to pieces! Well…Not quite.

Blog networks that sport tons of low quality websites with random content/ loosely relevant content and countless outgoing links to money websites has been the norm for years. However, when I say, spankin’ awesome I mean:

1. Your network should contain a websites or domains you have purchased that have good domain authority, page rank and backlinks. Domain Jawa was recently created by Spencer from NichePursuits to help smart marketers easily find and buy these high metric expired domains that are spam free and ready to use.
2. Each of the websites in your blog network should only have a maximum of 10 – 12 outgoing links to the websites you wish to rank. This ensures that the quality and SEO power of each website remains high.
3. Each post or page must contain at least 700 words, be of high quality and all the websites in your network built out using “white hat” techniques.
4. Cover your e-footprint: Use different registrar’s, fictitious names, WhoIs privacy and Class C IP address hosting providers.

Create A Drupal/Magenta/Wordpress/Joomla Theme

Wordpress is the most popular and widely used CMS and by creating a WordPress theme, you will easily obtain numerous backlinks. This can quickly become spammy and useless unless you create niche specific themes.

For example, if you have a health website you want to build links to, simply create a health based WordPress theme. This way you’ll get highly relevant backlinks since only people with health related websites will use your theme.

Tip: Spammy links and anchor texts are to be avoided – so no exact match keywords!

Also, to get more exclusive backlinks, develop themes using other CMS’s like Joomla, Magenta and Drupal. WordPress themes are very popular and there are thousands of themes out there. Other lesser used CMS’s can provide more powerful and effective backlinks.

Give A Little! Offer A Scholarship

This is one of my favourite link building strategies that not only gives you extremely high quality backlinks, but creates an opportunity to spread the love.

Sure it will cost you, between $500 – $1500+ per scholarship and I recommend a minimum of $500 since it has to be enough to garner attention.

You can offer this scholarship on your website and contact various schools and universities to inform them of it and they will in turn, inform their students by linking to your website.

Can you say hello to all those beautiful .edu backlinks?

Guest Post Those Infographics

Marketer’s online usually have a lot to say about guest posting – mostly along the lines of “Guest Posting is Dead!” and “Google hates guest posts!” or “Guest Post if you want a penalty!”

While this may be true to the extent of low quality abusive guest posting, it is NOT true for high quality guest posts and infographics.

The real deal about infographics straight from Matt Cutts:

“The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way people dont realize, versus a true endorsement of your site.”

So, the takeaway here: Make the links within your infographic known and seen – no sneaky stuff and you’re good.

Create a superb infographic that provides immense value and ask other bloggers in your niche to check it out – no pressure and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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