5 Crucial Tips To Add To Your Conversion Rate Optimization Toolbox

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analyses exactly how well your incoming web traffic converts into your desired action. This desired action may be a purchase, email newsletter sign up, completing a contact form, registering for a course etc. Squeezing the most out of your web traffic means you need to pay attention to exactly how you can increase your conversion rate. Here are some of my best tips:   1. Your Gut Instinct Is Often Wrong   Testing out different variations of colors, text, images and flow is the first step most...

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4 Fresh Link Building Strategies Guaranteed To Boost Your Rankings In 2014

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Discovering new methods of building effective backlinks is one of my most fun activities. Maybe that doesn’t say very much about what I think is fun but there is no doubt that good SEO is about uncovering and testing new backlink methods frequently. Adapt, change and evolve is the name of the game and you’ve gotta keep with the times cause being an old geezer surely won’t help your rankings game! So, let’s get started shall we?   Create A Spankin’ Awesome Private Blog Network   Hold up, I know what you’re going to say:...

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The Ultimate Guide To Dodging A Google Penalty SmackDown

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Worried about getting a Google Penalty? As you build your website – whether it is a passive income machine, soon-to-be epic blog or a company website, you need to follow certain guidelines to reduce your risk of getting a Google Penalty. I can’t give a 100% fool proof method of completely avoiding a penalty – cause let’s face it – sh*t happens. There are no guarantees and this is the crux of online marketing. However, the following guidelines do a gobsmacking good job of covering the major bases to dodge that Google...

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The Evolution Of SEO: Bridging The Gap Between The Past + Understanding The Present State Of Affairs

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      “Everything is relative in this world, where change alone endures.” – Leon Trotsky     The Internet exists as a universe of endless information, open through the doorways of search engines and unlocked with virtual keys made of keywords. Vast multitudes of data lay ready for consumption, with a couple strokes on your keyboard in mere milliseconds. What was once a world with people starved of information is now one where we are drowning in it. But I think, it is much better to have too much knowledge than...

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